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Commitment to Safety

Health & Safety Policy

Goldmax recognise their duties and obligations under current health & safety legislation and construction industry standards. In addition to making provision for compliance with these obligations the company has identified that the promotion of high standards of health and safety, developed from a sound health & safety policy can make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of its business. 


The health & safety of everyone involved in and affected by our operations is our number-one priority. Goldmax Ltd is committed through strong visible leadership and engagement with the workforce to promote and achieve safe and healthy conditions in order to create an incident free environment where accidents are eliminated and health is protected.

The general health and well being of our employees is also very important to us and Goldmax has implemented regular health screening and a range of measures to encourage positive lifestyles.


Goldmax recognises that training plays an essential part in the effective development of human resources and that constructive health & safety training will enhance the performance of individuals and thereby improve company productivity. Goldmax Ltd has identified that trained employee is able to work confidently, knowing and understanding what the work involves, why it is being carried out and how it should be done safely.

Goldmax SAFETY safety awareness for every task you do
Goldmax Safety Awards Bam Construct UK Regional Safety Awards GOLD
Goldmax Safety Awards BAM Construct UK Regional Safety Awards
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